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  Why use a turned-edge binder?

  Casemade's combination of material and workmanship creates a binder that will outlast any heat-sealed binder under normal
  use. Each binder is made with care, the outside edges are turned over a stiff or flexible board, depending on your needs. You
  can customize your binder from a wide selection of durable cover materials, such as our brilliantly-coloured fabrics, that won't
  split or crack like vinyl. The Casemade turned-edge binder gives you the quality you can see and feel today... and for a long
  time to come.

                                     "CASEMADE / METRO-CASE"


  Metro-Case®-Made is the most elegant, custom-designed supported vinyl binder available in the world today... and the longest   lasting. This binder is manufactured with a unique turned-edge process. The electronically-sealed lining with pleated corners
  gives it the appearance of a more expensive turned-edge cover. The supported vinyl looks and feels like leather, and more   importantly, is resistant to cold cracking and splitting so you don't have to worry about temperature as well as your deadline.

  Who needs a top-quality binder?

  You do! You need a binder that looks professional and lasts at least as long as its contents. After all, no matter how unfair,
  People do judge a book by it's cover.

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