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Recycling PROGRAM

Metropolitan Loose Leaf Co. Ltd. Has been helping keep our environment clean, MLL has had a recycle program in place for our customers since the early 90ís. The program consists of recycling or reusing as much of the old product as possible.

For vinyl products we cut open and remove the cardboard and reuse it as spine board in a new product, the ring mechanism is reused only if it shows minimum ware, or it is put aside for recycle cold roll steel, the vinyl is never reused in our products however it is sent back to our vinyl supplier for recycling.

For our case-made products, the binder as a whole is cut down to be used as spine boards in a new product if it was made of a light color material (any dark material or print would show through a light color vinyl) unless the new product is made of a black or dark vinyl, other wise the cardboard and the paper glued to it is sent for recycling, the ring mechanism as above.

For our poly products, unfortunately there is not much that can be done except recycle the poly as plastic and the rings as above.

The cardboard used in all our products consists of 100% recycled news print.

Please keep in mind we also will accept any binder from any other manufacture as to make the plan more flexible.
For more information, please contact your local sales office.

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